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Raytron Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that leads the industry of infrared imaging and the development of MEMS sensor technology, with completely independent intellectual property rights. Raytron is committed to developing the design and manufacture of integrated circuit, thermal imaging detector, and MEMS sensor, providing global customers with excellent uncooled thermal imaging MEMS sensors, thermal imaging detectors, ASIC chips, thermal imaging and temperature measurement modules, thermal cameras, laser products, and optoelectronic systems. 

Raytron’s products have been applied in various fields, such as night vision, thermal temperature measurement, intelligent surveillance, UAV load, automatic driving, IoT, AI, and machine vision. 

Raytron is devoted to constructing and integrating the industrial chain of optoelectronics, represented by infrared imaging. The aim is to build a world-class infrared detector enterprise, promoting and leading the development of thermal imaging technology with continuous technological progress. 

Raytron Technology, a leading manufacturer of uncooled IRFPA.