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Micro Electromechanical System is called MEMS for short, which represent device dimension in the range from millimeter to nanometer. MEMS is an independent intelligent system, it is mainly composed of sensors, actuators and micro power.

Using micro-fabrication technology, MEMS technology integrates sensors, mechanical components, actuator and electronic components into one common silicon substrate. It makes development of smart products, and access to a lot of the subprime market. It provides solutions for the automotive, health care, mobile phones, bio-technology, and consumer products. MEMS technology has been considered as one of the most promising technology in this century.

Micro-electromechanical system involves physics, semiconductor, optical, electronic, chemical engineering, material engineering, mechanical engineering, medical, information engineering and biological engineering, etc. Common products includes MEMS accelerometer, MEMS microphones, micro motor, micro pump, micro vibrator, MEMS pressure sensor, MEMS gyroscope, and MEMS humidity sensor, etc.