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It is prone to a traffic accident since the driver’s sight is limited when driving at night, fog, rain and snow. The emergency response time to make the braking action is about 1 second from finding the obstacles ahead when driving,. When the car is travelling at speed of 120 km/h, the braking distance should be beyond 50 meters. It must keep the sight cover 80 meters in front to guarantee the emergency treatment time at least 3 seconds. However, the effective visual range of dipped headlights and head beam are 30~50 meters and 60~80 meters at night, respectively. It is difficult to ensure sufficient response time. Infrared imaging driving assistant system is effective for vision enhancement, which can significantly reduce the risk of driving at night. This system can provide clear image of road condition ahead, enhance driver’s sight on occasion of night, rain, snow, haze weather, and light glare when meeting. In the international market, high-end cars such as BMW, Audi and Benz have installed automotive night vision system, but the costs also make ordinary consumers prohibitive. Raytron remains committed to infrared imaging driving assistant device of low cost, and promotes the infrared imaging technology in the application of the driving assistant industry, improve driving safety.