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Infrared imaging has extensive application prospect in security monitoring, automotive electronics, intelligent household and consumer electronics field. For security monitoring application, infrared imaging would be able to clearly distinguish between different objects without light, and is not affected by the condition such as bright light, backlight, smoke, rain and snow. This makes up for the deficiency of traditional monitoring system, and has significant social value. In the field of automotive electronics, infrared imaging can also be used for automotive air conditioning adjustment and person detection, besides the driving assistant application. In smart home application, infrared imaging can be used for air conditioning temperature measurement and night security monitoring. In the field of consumer electronics, infrared imaging can be used as mobile phone accessories, and even integrated in mobile phones to develop a variety of interesting applications.

Around infrared imaging of low cost application, Raytron has developed plenty of core technology, including small pixel technology, ASIC technology, low cost packaging and testing technology. We are planning to launch series of low cost infrared imaging detector and module products, which can be made into portable equipment for users to take out to use at any time. It even can be integrated into mobile phones, bring our lives more novel experience.