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We have a professional team dedicated to the development of vacuum packaging and testing technology. The vacuum packaging products have high reliability and could keep high vacuum for a long time, which meet the stringent test of environmental adaptability. The company undertakes the following services:

  • Development and service for vacuum packaging 
  • Vacuum packaging structure design
  • Thermal simulation and stress simulation for packaging products
  • Complete metal vacuum packaging solution 
  • Vacuum packaging design of low cost
  • Contract manufacture for vacuum packaging products
  • MEMS Products Testing
  • Vacuum degree and vacuum life assessment
  • Performance test for uncooled infrared detector and THz detector.
  • Reliability test
  • Silicon Wafer Resizing/Coring Service
  • Silicon Wafer Resizing/Coring Service.
  • Raytron provides precise Wafer Resizing/Coring Service, including resizing wafer up to 8 inch into diameter of 2-6 inch, circular and Wafer edge cutting with effective ESD protection and without collapse edge on wafer edge