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Raytron provides professional design service, including ASIC, analog and Hybrid IP design, especially good at low power consumption, low noise and mixed signal design field.

  • Interface circuit for image sensor:
  • Interface circuit for infrared image sensor is provided with simple interface, low power consumption, and high precision, including VGA, QVGA format. That is suitable for various applications.
  • Small format circuit is provided with low cost, low power consumption, correction on-chip, image process on-chip, and programmable feature.
  • Provide circuit design of photon CMOS image sensor, including large format interface circuit for near-infrared CMOS sensor and light sensor circuit design, etc.
  • Other sensor interface circuit
  • MEMS interface ASIC design
  • Provides various MEMS interface ASIC design with low power consumption and high precision, including MEMS MIC, capacitive MEMS interface circuit, and resistance type MEMS interface circuit, etc.
  • Bio-sensors interface ASIC design
  • Bio-sensors interface ASIC design with ultra-low power consumption
  • Analog IP design:
  • High precision, low power consumption ADC IP
  • Low power consumption reference source, LDO, OPA, comparator, POR, Oscillator, GPIO, etc.