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Applications of Thermal Cameras in PV Module Detection

PV module is a device that directly or indirectly converts solar radiation energy into electric energy through photoelectric effect or photochemical effect by absorbing sunlight. Cracks, hot spots, and PID effects are three important factors that affect the performance of PV modules. Thermal camera is an indispensable tool in the process of PV module detection.

I. Unique Advantages of Thermal Cameras in PV Module Detection

1. Thermal cameras can visually show temperature distribution with obvious fault points

Thermal cameras automatically capture the hottest spot on the screen or in an area to accurately visualize and locate problems. This helps engineers ascertain the root causes of faults to formulate a solution quickly.

2. Thermal cameras feature a remote and non-contact detection without changing the target’s structure

Thermal cameras feature a non-contact mode of temperature measurement and do not affect the surface temperature of the object being measured or electricity generation efficiency. PV modules can be inspected without the need to power them off

3. Alarm function and messages of abnormality alarms

High and low temperature ranges can be set for thermal cameras. When the temperature reaches the set range, an alarm will be triggered, reminding the staff to carry out further inspection or maintenance.

II. Applications of Thermal Cameras in PV Module Detection

Thermal cameras can be used to detect the heat of each cell of the module. Normally, the temperature distribution of cells is even. If the temperature of a cell in the module matrix is unexpectedly high, there may be a problem with it. This indicates that the cell has changed from converting solar energy into electric energy to consuming electric energy as the load of the cell module. It causes heat rise and affects the conversion power of the entire cell module. Hence, the cell with a too high temperature has to be replaced.

III. Recommended Models

T300/600 Handheld Thermal Camera

Intelligent functions

Intelligent shooting: support of secondary analysis of videos/photos

Isotherm-based detection: easy identification of color blocks with high temperatures

Report generation in batch: lower data processing cost

Intelligent diagnosis: quickly providing defect diagnosis basis

M300/600 Handheld Thermal Camera

Check clearly, solve quickly

Manual focus: assisting in distinguishing small targets

Dual-spectrum fusion: easier to observe complex environments

Intelligent high and low-temperature alarms: assisting in timely troubleshooting

Wi-Fi transmission: instant sharing of temperature data

IV. Software Solution

IRPT-TAS Measured Temperature Analysis Software for Handheld Thermal Cameras

1. Real-time online preview, and various measurement tools, such as points, lines and frames

2. Alarm image capture, photo taking, video recording and other functions

3. Cloud platform function; the cloud-based file data upload, storage, and download

4. Local storage function; query of historical data and generation of temperature-time curves

5. Secondary analysis; export of the temperature data and images of ROI

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