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Temperature Monitoring Solution with InfiRay Thermal Cameras for Power Distribut

As the infrastructure for the intelligent economy, big data centers are the core places for informatization. Fire safety is the top priority for ensuring the safe operation of data centers. InfiRay can provide professional and effective thermal imaging monitoring solutions and thermal camera products for power distribution equipment room of data center.

I. Application Background

At present, the data center mainly relies on traditional visible light and smoke to monitor the fire safety of devices in the equipment room, which can only be monitored at the smoke-starting and fire-catching stages, and cannot realize the early perception of temperature changes and prevention of fire accidents.

The temperature monitoring of electrical devices in the cabinet mainly relies on the contact temperature measurement of thermocouples and other temperature sensors, which can only monitor a certain point of the target and have a single function, but cannot monitor the whole monitoring area visually. Traditional routine inspection operations are inefficient, and there are problems such as missing inspection and abnormal undiscovery. Moreover, the routine inspection data entry is also inefficient, and the reliability of data uploading cannot be guaranteed.


II. Main Applications of Thermal Cameras in Temperature Monitoring of Power Distribution Equipment Room of Data Center

1. Temperature monitoring of cabinet in power distribution equipment room of data center

By arranging dual-spectral bullet cameras, PTZs, and robot routine inspections, 7×24-hour full-coverage real-time temperature monitoring of the power distribution equipment room in data center is realized. The video images with temperature data are uploaded to the monitoring background in real time through the transmission network. Once the temperature is abnormal, the alarm event can be pushed to the background, and the sound and pop-up window preview can be linked to remind the staff to find the abnormal temperature points and troubleshoot hidden dangers in time.

2. Temperature Monitoring of Cabinet Electrical Devices

Thermal cameras are arranged in the important electrical cabinet of equipment room in data center to realize all-weather and uninterrupted monitoring of key points such as electrical contacts, contact switches, line connectors, and push the alarm information to background personnel in time.

III. Unique Advantages of Thermal Cameras in Temperature Monitoring of Power Distribution Equipment Room of Data Center

1. Operation from a long distance, with no contact, no change of target structure

Non-contact temperature measurement is achieved. The hottest spot on the screen or area is automatically captured to make problems intuitively visible and allow accurate problem locating. This helps engineers find a solution quickly.

2. Automatic temperature data collection and curve generation

Read the measured temperature data in real time, and directly monitor the detection processes. When used together with client software, the cameras allow the temperature data collection from targets, making it easy for operators to intuitively analyze the temperature trends of contact points in electrical cabinets and cabinet surfaces.

3. Alarm function and messages of abnormality alarms

The alarm threshold is set and the heat generated during the temperature rise of the cabinet surface and electrical devices in equipment rooms is monitored. Temperature reaching the set range triggers alarms so that staff will be notified and take control measures.

4. Secondary development support for customers’ unique advantages

Provide the secondary development kit (SDK). Alarm messages can be pushed through the IO port, serial port, or other various methods to assist customers in the action linkage and development of automation devices.

IV. Recommended Models

AT20 Online Dual-Spectrum Thermal Camera

High cost-effective temperature video sensing terminal thermal camera

Small and compact structure: easy to install

Dual-spectrum fusion: facilitate checking actual situation on site

PoE power supply: reduce faults and ensure power safety

SDK provided: facilitate secondary development

AT31F/61F Fixed Focusing Online Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera

It measures temperature for visible reading and analysis

A variety of focal length lenses available: meet the measurement requirements of different scenes

I/O alarm output: linkage with external alarm devices

Rich back-end interfaces: easy to integrate into various monitoring systems

SDK for multiple platforms: supporting secondary development

M600 Handheld Thermal Camera

Check clearly, solve quickly

Dual-spectrum fusion, laser pointer: highly efficient positioning and analysis

Wireless connection through Wi-Fi: enabling timely temperature data sharing

Support full-frame high/low-temperature alarm: time-lapse photographing

Support USB plug-and-play analysis, and real-time transmission and analysis of full-frame temperature information

FB2/FB4 Dual-spectrum Bullet Camera

Various built-in alarm correlation rules: alarm for fire point detection supported

Support area detection: intelligent behavioral analysis

Strong compatibility: supporting ONVIF and GB28181 protocols

Applicable both indoors and outdoors: ingress protection rating of IP66

PT2 Dual-spectrum Light-load PTZ Camera

Auto focusing is supported through infrared light, with 20× zooming of visible light

Intelligent monitoring of fire points is supported

Support setting scheduled patrol inspection plan and real-time monitoring of ambient temperature

SDK provided: support secondary development

V. Software Solution

IRPT-TAS Measured Temperature Analysis Software for Handheld Thermal Cameras

1.  Real-time online preview, and various measurement tools, such as points, lines and frames

2.  Alarm image capture, photo taking, video recording, and other functions

3.  Cloud platform function; the cloud-based file data upload, storage, and download

4.  Local storage function; query of historical data and generation of temperature-time curves

Secondary analysis; export of the temperature data and images of ROI

Industrial Temperature Monitoring Software: IRT-VMS

1.  Support the connection of multiple devices to the software platform by networking so that these devices can be displayed on the platform. Support the video preview of up to 64 real-time images

2.  Palette selection and configuration of measurement tools are supported, which can be flexibly and easily applied to provide a simple way for temperature data collection at the backend

3.  Automatic generation of temperature data curves and temperature reports for effective monitoring of device temperature changes

Abnormal temperature alarms. Support multi-level alarm configuration

VI. How to Take an Infrared Thermal Image of Premium Quality?

Please refer to the following suggestions for using a thermal camera to take an infrared thermal image of premium quality:

1.  Pay attention whether there are other heat sources around during shooting, especially for valves with bright surfaces, because their shells are more likely to reflect the surrounding heat sources and cause interference to the detection. Therefore, please change the shooting angle if there are heat sources around.

2.  For scenes requiring a small temperature difference, select a thermal camera with higher thermal sensitivity

3.  Select thermal cameras or levels of proper measurement ranges for different scenes and temperature

Use automatic measurement first, and then enable the temperature width stretch function. Manually set the temperature width to the minimum and include the previously measured temperature range to enrich the image details

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