The Fusion of AI and IoT Enables Intelligent Interconnection of All Things Infrared thermal imaging is an important night vision sensor and non-contact temperature sensor for the Internet of Things. Thanks to thermal radiation induction imaging capabilities, infrared thermal imaging can work in complete darkness, penetrate disguised complex environments, pass through haze, smoke and dust, to sense temperature variations while securing personal privacy. Its unique night vision and temperature measurement capabilities accelerate the application of infrared thermal imaging in more AIoT scenarios.

Application Scenarios

With the rollout of 5G, infrared thermal imaging will be widely applied in the fields of AIoT, autonomous driving, smart city, smart home, home security monitoring, and smart healthcare.

Technical Advantages

Capitalizing on its industry-leading infrared thermal imaging technologies and volume-production advantages, Raytron has introduced a full range of miniature thermal imaging monitoring and temperature measurement modules on the foundation of proprietary ASIC chips and 12-micron wafer-level packaged thermal sensors. The Company remains focused on machine learning and cloud-based artificial intelligence technologies.

Development Prospect

With the development of infrared thermal imaging in the direction of miniaturization, integration and intelligence, It provides vast space for in-depth development of the future Internet of Everything