Infrared night vision technology is referred to as the “eyes in the night”. It enables observation of the surroundings in complete darkness, and is able to penetrate darkness, glare, haze, and thick smoke, forming an important extension of human vision. Thanks to the years of exploration in long-wave and medium-wave technologies, Raytron’s products can present high-definition images, and are hence reputed as “Ultra-Clear”. They are widely used in security monitoring, animal observation, emergency rescue, outdoor adventure and other scenarios.

Constrained by light and weather conditions, traditional security surveillance equipment is unable to deliver uninterrupted online surveillance around the clock. 

Raytron security monitoring solution uses infrared thermal imaging devices as the core front-end equipment, with a complete set of proprietary software system as the back end, which ensures real-time surveillance in all weather conditions over long distances and a wide range. 

It is suitable for urban security surveillance, ports and terminals, airports, border and sea defense, forest fire prevention, and other scenarios that require large-scale and high-definition security monitoring covering long distances under all weather conditions.

The Raytron outdoor product line covers a variety of outdoor thermal imaging devices featuring powerful functionality and ergonomic design. 

They can monitor the surrounding environment, identify potential hazards, and enhance safety, providing more convenience to outdoor adventurers. 

A number of products are built with the proprietary Reality+ technology, which can present realistic infrared images in combination with AI image processing, helping adventurers explore the unknown world and constantly empowering outdoor adventures.

Raytron insists on putting life first.

In outdoor rescue, life detection and other rescue missions, professional infrared equipment is used to inject power into the rescue. 

The thermal camera can quickly and accurately locate the missing person during the golden rescue time, improve their survival probability, and is not interfered with environmental factors such as night or bad weather. 

Really realize 24-hour protection and protect people's lives with technology.

Infrared thermal imaging supports round-the-clock observation in complex environments at a long distance, so as to gain a better understanding of wildlife behaviors and habits without disturbing them, effectively protect their habitats and living environment, promote biodiversity and sustainability, and contribute to a community of all life on Earth.