In the microwave field, Raytron’s priority lies in the emerging low-orbit satellite communication. The Company can provide satellite communication customers with a full range of RF/microwave solutions and products, ranging from microwave chips to phased array antennas.

K/Ku/Ka-Band T/R MMIC Chipsets Ultra-wideband amplifier MMIC chips, low-noise amplifier MMIC chips, high-power and high-efficiency GaN power amplifier MMIC chips

IF chips used in broadband ground terminals for low-orbit satellite communication support a bandwidth of up to 400MHz, which feature an ultra-low power consumption thanks to the HF/IF architecture and high-speed digital interface.

Highly integrated multi-channel, multi-beam and low power consumption analog beamforming chips for K/Ku/Ka bands

The Company offers micro-assembly-based brick and short-brick T/R components and tile T/R components, as well as micro-system-based SiP ultra-small T/R components.

Raytron has independently developed core chips, components, and modules to provide integrated solutions for subarrays and full arrays of miniaturized phased array antennas. Featuring a small profile, light weight and low power consumption, the products support arbitrary polarization adjustment and dual-beam reception, which can be widely used in various satellite internet terminals such as vehicles, ships, machines, and portable devices.