Gas leakage during industrial production can easily cause major safety accidents such as fires and explosions. Raytron cooled and uncooled thermal imaging cameras for gas detection support quick scanning, clear imaging and pinpointing of leaks, providing the industry with comprehensive gas detection solutions to effectively prevent safety accidents.

Raytron thermal camera for gas detection supports quick scanning and precise dual-light leakage positioning in real time. The cooled thermal imaging camera for gas detection is capable of detecting minor gas leaks of 0.001mL/s.

Raytron’s non-contact gas detection thermal imaging camera is equipped with a proprietary and highly sensitive infrared detector, which is able to quickly locate leak sources from long distances and present them as images, enabling operators to inspect and troubleshoot at a safe distance, ensuring personnel safety and production safety.

In response to the LDAR detection requirements, Raytron offers cooled infrared imaging cameras for gas detection. Specifically designed for hazardous scenarios, the products are highly sensitive and Ex ic IIC T6 explosion-proof rated. They can locate colorless VOC leakages as low as 0.001mL/s, and can be safely used in places with explosive gases in existence.

Infrared thermal imaging-based leakage detection enables live detection of sulfur hexafluoride leakage in high-voltage electrical equipment, which can quickly and accurately locate the leakage point without powering off the equipment. Thermal imaging cameras for gas leakage detection are not affected by lighting conditions, hence are suitable for a wide range of applications.