Thermal cameras can improve safety by clearly monitoring the surroundings. They also contribute to the wonderful outdoor explorations by providing more convenience for outdoor sports.

Thermal cameras can present surroundings in darkness as visible images, allowing campers to be clearly aware of potential dangers or other living creatures in the vicinity, so that they get better prepared for the various environmental challenges and enjoy the time of camping rest-assured.

Infrared thermal imaging captures and displays the infrared radiation of objects, helping cyclists effectively perceive surrounding obstacles in various environmental conditions. It is also used in outdoor rescue to improve search and rescue efficiency, adding safety and convenience to outdoor cycling.

Thermal cameras allow climbers to clearly see the temperature difference of surrounding terrains, rock walls, vegetation, and other objects, so that they can accurately choose an optimal route and avoid potential hazards. They are also used in searching for lost team members, improving the safety and success rate of mountaineering.

Thermal cameras can see through complex environments such as complete darkness, haze, and dust, helping outdoor adventurers explore caves, dense woods, and other complicated terrains. They can be used for obstacle detection in advance or long-distance observation of animals, adding novel experiences and enabling timely danger avoidance.